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How Devop.One Helped Toni Kroos to Build an App

It’s not every day that we get to work with clients who are outside of the IT industry, but whenever we do things get super exciting because those times we get a unique opportunity to develop our skills and go even further. 

That was the case with Wison, an oil and energy giant from China, where we had to find a new Sales Director. We definitely learned a lot thanks to that experience, but this story is a bit different.

It’s not the oil and energy industry, but neither is the IT industry… Well, at least not fully.

How many times do companies get to work with famous people? Or maybe even a better question - how many times do companies get to work with famous people they actually are a fan of?

Well, those times came our way!

This is a story of how we worked with Toni Kroos - the central midfielder of Real Madrid and arguably the best midfielder of his generation!

Toni was always known for his vision, passing, creativity, crossing, and set-piece ability, but instead of analyzing his virtuosity and telling you how amazing he truly is, in this article, we’ll focus on the first thing we mentioned - his vision.

So how does an RPO company that specializes in finding the top 1% of talent in the world and connecting them with the best companies in the world connect with Toni Kroos, a famous football player?

Well, Toni figured a truly noble thing - why not share years of his experience and expertise with the rest of the world! Best way to do it? Build an app!

To hire or not to hire - that is the question

Building the Android and iOS app is not really a walk in the park. 

Yes, there are multiple solutions nowadays that can help non-developers with building an app, but we’re talking about a serious app here, not some simple thing.

It’s mandatory that the app Toni wanted to build had to be top-class - why would one of the best midfielders ever have an average app?

So Toni had to hire developers.

Opening app development firm? Or some other firm where app developers will work? Why do it if once the app is completed, not much work will be needed for a while? Yes, maintenance is a must, but further development is not mandatory.

The ideal situation for Toni would be that he found developers to build it and hire a maintenance guy to keep it alive.

But, how can a person who is not a developer know if the developers he hired are doing a good job?

So the logical solution was to hire a developer of trust to lead developers who will build an app…

“I was always a tech-savvy guy but I never actually got into the software development industry. It’s one of those things that you can’t be 50-50 - either you are fully in it, or you’re not. So when I decided that I want to build an app I knew that I will have challenges and that I will not be able to determine what’s the best thing to do. Therefore I consulted multiple companies and some developer friends, asking for a second opinion. Definitely, the best solution I got offered was made by Devop.One. With their solution, I was able to monitor the progress and be a visionary in this story, which definitely took a lot of problems off my back!”
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Toni found out about Devop.One over Linkedin and his assistant reached out to us, presenting their problem, their wishes, and vision, and asking if we would possibly have a solution.

We scheduled a call to get more details around it and, to be super honest with you, talking with THE Toni Kroos was super cool!

Proud middleman but also a wingman 

Once we figured out exactly what Toni needed, and once we mapped all things that needed to be hired we scheduled a meeting with our team to see what are the best options.

After a short time, we figured the best option is to be a middleman but also a wingman.

We decided to help Toni hire 2 backend developers, and offer him that our developers develop the front-end of the application.


Because we were 100% certain that our frontend developers will deliver outstanding work and since we have a large pool of top 1% backend developers in the world, we knew that we can connect those dots and have incredible app development. Also, the best benefit of things set like that is that we knew backend developers from our pool, and we trusted them that they would deliver this work.

© Image credit and owner: Devop.One

We talked to Toni and he agreed! Toni gave us the entire vision of how he pictures the app and all that’s left to do is to execute.

Our recruiters immediately started digging for developers in our pool to start working for Toni Kroos and we contacted our developers to brief them on what’s needed.

Within the days we already have everyone working on the project. We decided that the best environment in this case to build the app was definitely the Flutter, so that was our go-to.

After only a month, everything was all set and ready for a launch.

“Devop.One guys blew away all my expectations! The app was even better than I imagined and it works like a charm! I hired two developers for the backend and the frontend was taken care of by Devop.One. Just incredible to see such a fast delivery with that level of quality. Once I got the app, I immediately knew that I wanted these guys to launch the project sky-high, and they did! If you’re having troubles with hiring true experts that you can trust, just reach out to Devop.One, I’m sure they will take care of it for you!”

And we did launch the project. 

Interested to see what the app is like? Well, in that case, you get a unique opportunity to be trained directly by Toni! Check out the app here!

How do we always have solutions to (hiring) problems?

This is a question a lot of people are asking us. How come we always find a solution to any type of problem in the recruitment industry?

Well, truth to be told, we’re not 100% sure how to answer that question. But what we can say with 100% certainty is that our processes, organization, workflow, strategy, culture, all those things are on a level exactly where our experts are - top 1% in the world.

It may sound a bit too enthusiastic but these experts wouldn’t agree to be in our pool if we weren’t good as they are in their industry.

Over the years and hundreds of successful top 1% in the world hires, we found out that improving our processes and lowering down the number of steps to reach the goal is the key to success.

Our model is different from others, and that’s what makes us unique, giving us opportunities to deliver what others on the market can’t.

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You have a problem, you reach to us, we connect your needs with the experts we personally talked to and got a glimpse into their skills and experience. Verified gods of the industry.

Regardless of the industry, we’re 100% sure that our strategies and processes can help you find your next rockstar, so if you’re looking to get your business on a completely new level, or you just want steady growth and development, definitely reach out to us!

We’re confident that in our pool of candidates there will be a perfect match for the position in your company that you’re looking to fill.

App developer, network administrator or sales director, it doesn’t matter, we have them all!

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