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How Devop.One Helped Flink to Find 7 Outstanding Talents For Their Growing Business

Flink is a Germany-based, fast-growing business that delivers groceries to your doorstep, with only a few clicks on your smartphone. At early stages, Flink was available in only several cities in Germany. It didn’t take long before they expanded their boundaries and became an everyday application for many households.

At the moment, Flink is covering all major cities in Germany and recently opened their first areas in The Netherlands and France. In the near future, predictions for Flink are more than positive, but like every other business, Flink had to survive some rough phases in order to reach a prestigious place on the market.

This “supermarket in the pocket” started off quickly, and soon enough the urge to find A-class experts to maintain their great position on the marketplace appeared. 

Finding one outstanding talent can be a difficult task to achieve, but what happens when you need 7 incredible talents and when you need them immediately? That is what we call a challenge.

Missing key person for scaling the app 

Flink was growing pretty rapidly, since 2020 when this delivery business was founded, the company experienced a huge blast. In those difficult times that occurred, Flink came in like a rescue.

But, even the Flink team couldn’t predict how fast that evolution would happen, and the worst thing was that they hadn't been prepared. When a business experiences sudden growth, things can easily take a dark turn. Their unpreparedness for that newly formed situation could either launch their business outside of German boundaries, or they could have lost themselves amongst the wild competition on the marketplace if they haven’t adapted quickly enough to reach the top.

Finding a dedicated and qualified team that will embrace the company goals and provide constructive solutions that will move their evolution forward is the issue that many businesses are faced with. That’s when we like to step in.

When Flink started struggling with the lack of experts that could push their boundaries and continue the initial growth, it was mandatory for them to start searching for 1% talents. When they reached out to us, they needed 7 qualified employees to join their journey.

“We honestly didn’t have enough time to run Flink, handle the pressure of sudden and rapid growth, and find the perfect employees for our team. That’s when we decided to ask for help and the Devop.One was the name that had a great reputation and recommendation. We had no time to waste and reached out to them the next day”.

Finding the team of people to bring Flink to another level

The director of Engineering heard about Devop.One from the Berlin Startup Network and decided to reach out to us. Back in 2020, we already had a great candidate pool that numbered hundreds of incredible talents that waited for their perfect job position.

Flink faced us with their main problem – the lack of experts for scaling the application and moving Flink to another level. The team they had was good, but they needed OUTSTANDING talents to join them in expanding and turning their ideas into reality.

The job positions they needed:

1x Database Expert Engineer

1x Mobile Engineer

2x Manual QA Engineer

1x Automation QA Engineer

2x Distributed System Engineer

The search started immediately and after 4 days of intense digging, we had our talents ready for Flink. The candidate started working after only 6 days, which was a major success.

The biggest challenge we faced in solving the ongoing scalability issue with the customer application. Since the requirements were not clear, our tech team had to stay connected to the Flink tech team and list out clear candidate requirements in order for the search process to continue.

Our biggest advantage and resource are the candidate pool with hundreds of different and qualified experts with great experience, amazing qualifications, and outstanding portfolios. Devop.One is working on collecting all kinds of specialists so that every business can find their perfect team member with zero effort given. At the moment, our goal is being accomplished.

We successfully delivered all 7 talents to Flink and they were ready to continue their journey.

We were more than happy with how fast Devop.One has delivered talents and with the quality of each expert, we received. They saved us some precious time in the moments when we really needed every minute we could get.”

How we can improve your team as well

There is no successful business without a powerful and dedicated team. Having innovative ideas with the potential for global success will lead you nowhere if you cannot find experts that will build your idea into a real product. The idea for Devop.One evolved when we realized how many businesses are struggling to find the right people for the right positions.

That was the moment we decided to create the candidate pool like a base that will collect only 1% of the best talents in the world so that companies don’t have to waste much-needed time on interviewing hundreds of people when they can reach out to us.

Software developers, enterprise architects, all kinds of engineers, and hundreds of different professions are joining our worldwide talent network and we are working every day to find companies with the right vision and environment for each of those experts.

To this moment, we are proud to say that we connected a significant number of companies with talents from our candidate pool and with that, ensured their future success.

Our success stories are not just stories, they are proven experiences that Devop.One with the right skills and knowledge, you can reach the top level and help others step up their game.

If you are looking for an expert employee, reach out to us!

“I am grateful that I got recommendations for Devop.One since they provided us with outstanding talents that joined us in the Flink journey. If you are struggling with finding the right employee, don’t hesitate and schedule a call with Devop.One”.