Customer Success Stories

How Devop.One Delivered 10 A-Class Experts to Engel & Völkers

Engel & Völkers (E&V) is a real estate agency that has been on the market since 1997. In their lifetime, they evolved the vision of turning customers’ dreams into reality and finding their perfect properties.

Those properties became a place we call “home” and a life path for creating memories that last forever.

Besides private customers, they are also specialized in the brokerage of premium residential property, commercial real estate, yachts, and aircraft. With over 40 years of experience, E&V became a trusted go-to agency in over 900 locations in more than 30 countries spanning five continents.

E&V uses various IT products and methods to set new standards in the real estate business, with the realization of smart solutions for property brokerage, they continue expanding their services in new areas with each new year.

Amongst 13 thousand employees that are working under E&V, some of our 1% experts found their spots in this global leading company. E&V is calling, they need 10 outstanding talents.

Problem with scaling giant service company

Expanding boundaries outside of the local marketplace and becoming a giant service company comes with a lot of burdens and possible issues that must be addressed on time.

Imagine having a small local business with 10 employees. The growth is progressing forward, the team you initially employed is good, but new challenges are coming your way and you need better-qualified talents. That is okay, you are still a small business, but it takes time to find a perfect fit.

Once the company gets a few big deals, exponential growth is inevitable and that’s where the scaling issues begin to occur. The more the company grows, the more talent demand it faces. 

Getting big is not a problem - but becoming an international and complete authority in the industry requires you to have experts like no others and people capable of delivering on the highest possible level.

Suddenly, you have a new idea, it is an innovative and customers-winning concept, but it requires more people to make it happen. You need 15 more talents for your growing business. It is becoming harder to find an expert with the same vision as yours, he needs to fit well with the rest of the team he will be working with and have great qualifications.

You can now imagine the number of issues large companies like E&V are facing when it comes to scaling their businesses and staying on the positive side of the marketplace.

E&V came a long way from being the local German company to the position where they operate on five continents. The issue occurred when they had a vision, but the realization of innovative projects required more and more experts to join their community.

Soon enough, they came to the point where for every service they wanted to provide, they needed new talents to make it happen.

Here in E&V, competence, exclusivity, and passion are the core company values at the heart of everything we do. We wanted to provide innovative and smart solutions that would make the property brokerage 10 times easier, but we always needed more experts to work on realization.”

Keys for hiring top 1% experts in 7 days

E&V reached out to us in 2020. At that time, we already had a candidate pool with hundreds of talents with different specialties. This real estate business needed 10 A-class developers for their future projects. The technology stack involved was:

  • Mobile Development in Flutter and Dart
  • Backend Technologies like JVM, GOlang and NodeJS
  • Frontend Technologies like JS, Typescript and of course ReactJS
  • Devops Experts with Stellar GoogleCloud and Kubernetes experience
  • Authentication experts with technologies like OAuth and Keycloak
  • Distributed system experts in particular for system synchronization and lift-and-shift type of migration

To say that it was challenging to find 10 expert developers to fit in the multi-continental company with over 40 years of experience is reasonable but our strategies, team of incredible recruiters and streamline of processes made it possible.

The first source we address is our talent pool. Some of the main requirements we had to look for were:

  • Architect, design, develop, deploy and operate the application. Including the DevOps side. Define your pipelines and orchestrate your resources in the most efficient way.
  • Participate actively in technical discussions and presentations with fellow engineers inside and outside your team
  • Experience in developing multithreaded applications

With a deep and detailed search through the candidate pool, we started with a system of elimination.

  1. Firstly, we choose several possible candidates that have a strong portfolio and whose requirements match the company's job description
  2. Once we have our top 5 talents, we analyze each one of them, their experience, qualifications, references they have from previous employment, and many other crucial parameter
  3. Once the second phase is over, based on all the data we gathered, the team decides which talent would be the best choice for the specific position.

The average lead-time from getting the technical requirements to scheduling the first interviews has been on average around 7 days for the freelance software positions we filled for Engel & Voelkers.

“After only 7 days, guys in Devop.One sent us 10 applicants for each position we looked for. The best hire was the Senior Software Developer for which we faced issues to find in the past. Their candidate pool covers various experts and professions, there is no way for you to be left empty-handed.”

Efficiency is one of the core values in Devop.One and we understand the urgency some companies are facing in terms of finding new staff, which can affect their everyday work and long-term results.

How can help you scale your business

If you are struggling to find that 1% expert that will fulfill your requirements and push your projects forwards, you are not the only one. Almost every larger business is facing the same obstacle which can end up with frustration and potential risks.

That’s why we created Devop.One is a simpler and quicker way to get in touch with A-class experts from all over the globe.

The whole process of finding the right fit takes lots of effort and attention to detail. When you work with only 1% of the top experts in the world, it is hard to choose which one is the better fit for the specific company

They both have years of experience, outstanding portfolios, great recommendations from previous companies they worked with, and a wide skill set. What will create the difference between the two of them

Attention to details and confined filtered parameters. The requirements list needs to be clearly established and defined and no detail can be overlooked. In the base of hundreds of bests of the best talents, our job is to find that tiny difference that separates your perfect employee from the others. That is what we do, and what we are best at.

“Devop.One definitely has our best recommendations. There is no doubt we will reach out to them in case of demand for more A-class experts. They gained our trust and saved us the much-needed time we would have to waste while analyzing millions of job applications ourselves.”