Customer Success Stories

How Devop.One Helped Wison To Hire Incredible Sales Director

This experience is a great example to prove that we are not just an IT recruitment firm, but also highly skilled in other industries as well.

That’s the story with  Wison - a China-based multinational company that is a world-leading provider of natural gas monetization solutions.

Not ringing many bells, right? Well, it went the same way with us, we pretty much had no idea what they were all about. But after some research of their business model and what they do in general, we realized that they are basically in the Energy/Power Generation offshore and onshore business. 

They do a lot of things in their industry, but one of their key products are Floating LNG production and Floating gas power generation.

How does one giant like Wison from the oil industry come in contact with Devop.One? 

Well, irrespective of the industry, our business model remains the same - connecting the top 1% talent in the world with incredible opportunities. 

Problem for Wison - Hiring for over a year without any success

Wison was truly looking for the top 1% talent in the world and they were looking for over a year.

They urgently needed a new Sales Director, someone who will own these products and lead sales teams to success.

We hopped on a call with them and they were pretty clear on the profile of the candidate they needed.

Their Sales Director had to:

  • Be super familiar with the Asian market
  • Have extensive experience with power generation, FLNG, and things related to their industry
  • Relocate and work from Singapore

Those were key requirements that had to be honored, while others were discussable. 

If a company that has over 1400 employees and speaks native Chinese is struggling to find a Sales Director then you can imagine how difficult it was to fill that position.

“Finding our new Sales Director has been nothing less than a true problem for us. We had hundreds of CVs of candidates, we interviewed a lot of them, but unfortunately, no one checked all our boxes. We figured that we might be doing something wrong so we decided to outsource this task. We heard about Devop.One but we knew they were mostly in the IT industry, but after a quick call we decided to give it a go”

For us? Well, we couldn’t wait for the next challenge so this sounded like a great opportunity!

We agreed with Wison that our search may take a while since we want to deep dive into the market but that we will eventually 

Problems we faced

The Asian market is diametrically different from the US or EU market especially when it comes to marketing and executive positions.

First and foremost, the language barrier is huge, and finding a candidate with strong English skills is much harder than finding the one in Europe Moreover, Wison’s HR required recruiters with strong communication and interpersonal skills to reach out to the best candidates from the APAC region

Second, China is known to have its own systems and funnels of sales in marketing which makes our search also harder.

Last but not least, Wison's products are game-changers in the industry and besides their employees, not many people in the industry know the products that good that they can own them. That means only one thing - besides those three special requirements, the candidate had to be a leading expert in this field.

Luckily our team is extremely diverse and this mission was assigned to one of our managers who has a lot of experience with the Asian market but also in executive and marketing positions.

Delivering the new Sales Director

We studied the methods Wison used to find a new Sales Director and, truth to be told, those were good. The problem with them is their target audience and not being a part of closed circles where the top 1% of talent in the world are already a part of.

As we previously mentioned, we own our own pool of candidates and groups where we connect with different leaders in the industries. Unfortunately, since this is not the role for the IT industry and the candidate needed to have experience in APAC,, we knew that we couldn’t rely much on our pool so an extensive search for The One had to be done.

Our recruiters jumped immediately to it and using our secret sauce we managed to find The One after only 3 weeks!

We did a series of interviews with the candidate and after he ticked all of the boxes, we connected him with Wison.

“It’s unbelievable how Devop.One managed to find a perfect candidate within only 3 weeks! After we got in touch with the candidate, after only one interview with the VP of Sales, we verified that it matches all our requirements and we offered him a job, as he seemed like the only right choice! He’s still with us, and we couldn’t be happier with his performance!”

Why we have solutions to all hiring problems

We can proudly say that we continued working with Wison and that we’re hiring even more positions for their company! 

This is not an ordinary success story where we found a proper fit for an extremely hard role to fill, but this is more to demonstrate one of our greatest values - diversity. 

We’re proud to say that we have one of the most diverse teams in the world - a team made to tackle any challenge from any industry from any part of the world!

If you know anything about us, you know that we mostly work in the IT sector, but opportunities like these only utilize our skills even more and make us be better every day. 

Our clients tell a story for us - they come with the problem, and we deliver the solution. We’ve had clients who were hiring for ages, and their best solution turned out to be letting us do the hard lifting.

So if you are hunting for the top 1% of the talent in the world, regardless of the industry you’re in, then make sure to reach out to us and schedule a call! We’d love to hear from you!