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How Daimler Hired Devop.One Engineers

Daimler is one of the biggest producers of premium cars and the world’s biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles with a global reach. They provide financing, leasing, insurance, and everything else that meets customers’ requests and wishes.

Their top-level work has driven them to the highest rank on the global marketplace and in protecting the company’s DNA, they succeeded to build a well-known brand and gain trust from customers all over the globe.

Daimler is one of those rare businesses that are ahead of our time, the new electric truck is being put through its paces as we speak and we can expect to see the new Mercedes Benz product at the end of 2021.

One of their many undertakings is reducing the use of critical raw materials and replacing them with certified raw materials and less cobalt in future battery cells – building a better tomorrow for new generations.

Since the business that is aiming to change the future is everything but not ordinary, our projects and jobs with it weren’t really the usual practice at Devop.One.

Offering engineering and development services

From recruiting companies to engineering and development providers, covering different aspects and various unique projects on the highest level is our primary goal. Even though many users recognize Devop.One as a recruiting company, the success story with Daimler proves that we are much more than that.

This client engagement turned out to be completely separable from the usual recruiting work we do. Daimler needed us to work as an engineering services provider, but before we got to the actual work, this global company needed validation of our capabilities.

The job started with Devop.One going through a number of interviews and technical tests. Those assessments were meant to estimate our expertise with Microsoft data engineering products and also to validate our capabilities to scale a team. We’re convinced that our team of the top of experts in the world will deliver the projects without a doubt, but we’re always open to demonstrate our expertise.

Daimler was satisfied with the results we provided and soon enough, our long-term business began.

The client wanted to extract value from the large data generated by all the social media campaigns and they had chosen Azure as its strategic data cloud platform. What they needed was a partner to create a scalable architecture design and then implement it with its own resources. That is when our A-class experts stepped in.

It didn’t take us long to propose an architecture blueprint based on Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI, which we succeeded in during the first sprints.

We needed to increase the team to four data engineers that had outstanding capabilities and skill sets, in order to support the client’s growing needs.

Daimler aimed to challenge our competence and proficiency in assembling the right team with the flexibility to expand it every two weeks, following the client’s requirements.

Our candidate pool has been proven to not only represent the base of the best talents in the world but also serves as a source for part-time projects. The efficiency that we guarantee to our clients is incredible as it was proven with the Daimler collaboration.

“Here, at Daimler, we have set very high standards in the terms of finding the partners and trustworthy people we can confide in. The interviews and technical tests were decisive in hiring Devop.One for our ongoing projects. They did a very good job with scaling the best team and also provided us with outstanding results and deliverables in a short amount of time.”

How Daimler recognized Devop.One as a long-term partner 

The predominant policy of Devop.One was always to connect large businesses with the A-class talents in the world. But, in order to reach our maximum and to keep ourselves on the top of the marketplace, having a team of best experts ourselves, became a crucial mission for us.

Being a recruiting agency requires unique skills and trustworthy sources that we, in Devop.One, turned into a prestigious talent pool. When we decided to expand our boundaries, we realized that having the best talent isn’t enough, as we became masters for scaling the right team of experts.

Nowadays, Devop.One has one team ready for all kinds of collaborations with different clients, which allows us to bring outstanding results and push our game to the next level.

Daimler challenged our qualifications which turned out to be a great business deal. We have done several projects together and they were more than satisfied with the quality of every deliverable we provided. For us, it was a pleasure!

“After the first project with Devop.One was finished, we knew that it wouldn't take long before we started another collaboration with them. It feels great to find a business you can rely on and be sure of the quality of their services.”

Right after this initial project, we’re proud to say that we kept working project-based with Daimler and our development services are being incorporated into amazing products of theirs.

How we can help you develop your business

What proved to be right is that different situations require different understanding and undertaking. Our partnership with Daimler serves as an example that you don’t need always to hire talents for every new project you have in mind, especially if we are talking about the best talent in the world.

Instead, you can outsource your project to us and we can deliver what’s needed on the highest possible level while scaling the best fitting team for your projects - a team of A-class experts that have significant experience and need the expertise to finish the job for you and provide the best results.

Daimler's success story also emphasizes another crucial thing that proved to be essential – the testing process. Different interviews will help us in getting the complete picture of the requirements you are searching for your next, big project. Besides that, you can make sure that Devop.One has needed capabilities to finish the collaboration with the highest level of success.

One more essential fact is the lower costs of hiring the scalable team of best experts per only one project. You will save the budget and get better and more significant results from the team that consists of only the best talents in the world.

“Devop.One is definitely the company we will continue our collaboration with. They have proved more than capable of providing outstanding knowledge and helped us in achieving some of our primary ideas. Hiring their best team was an excellent idea and we encourage every company to follow our steps.”

We’re definitely looking forward to future projects!

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